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Landy, Leigh

Quality and Quantity (if we’re lucky) or Marcuse’s problem ain’t been solved yet


Contemporary Music Review Vol. 15 No. 3-4. Chur: Harwood Academic Publishers: 63-70.

This provocative article consists essentially of a number of futuristic ideas presented at a conference that had as its task to look forward as we approach the millennium. It questions the current state of affairs where a huge market-based popular sector is thriving, a subsidy-based classical music sector is turning into a museum culture and various forms of contemporary music are extremely marginalised. The ideas do not appear as a solution, but do suggest some post-digital views of how things might evolve. This article forms the basis of Landy 1998b, “Digital Music Technology Can Aid in Bringing Music Back as a Part of Life”.

Thursday 14 July 2005, by Leigh Landy