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Landy, Leigh

The Emancipation of Sound in that Box We Call a Theatre


Thursday 14 July 2005, by Leigh Landy

This paper describes the power of sound in a cross-arts context. It combines some of the author’s published views with a number of personal artistic experiences as a composer/sound designer, all of which involve interdisciplinary contexts: theatre, dance, video/video-theatre, now also moving into new media, in the traditional theatre space, at specific (alternative) sites as well as virtual ones. One of the paper’s key theses is that sound, more than any other element in many of these genres, offers the opportunity to create a three-dimensional space, real or otherwise. Furthermore, given our ability to employ real-world sounds in these interdisciplinary contexts, highly experimental composition devices can be used which have been appreciated by members of the public who normally avoid or are unaware of such music.

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