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Battier, Marc

Science et technologie comme sources d’inspiration


Tuesday 19 July 2005, by Pierre Couprie

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Marc Battier develops relationships between science, technology and music in 13 parts:

  1. Technical discoveries: the first reproductions of sound (the telephone, the theatrophone, and the phonograph)
  2. Representation and data processing: the first use of the computer in music
  3. The relation between the musician and technique: how do new technologies create new compositional techniques?
  4. The phenomenon of electrification: the role of electricity in sound reproduction
  5. John Cage’s influences: new music for new instruments
  6. Scientific influences
  7. Mathematics and music
  8. The influence of the sonic landscape
  9. Deployed voices: the voice and its transformations
  10. The devices devised for musical interaction: live electronics and interactive systems
  11. The physics of sound, the composition of sound: synthesis of musical sounds
  12. The return to the notion of the instrumental in sound composition: spectralism
  13. Research centres: a short history of electroacoustic studios
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