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Risset, Jean-Claude, Sousa Dias, Antonio de, Lorrain, Denis, Pottier, Laurent

De {Inharmonique} à{Resonant Sound Space} : temps réal et mise en espace


Wednesday 27 July 2005, by Pierre Couprie

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The authors investigate their realisation of Resonant Sound Space (2002), a 8-track piece by Jean-Claude Risset in 5 steps:
- Analysis of sound structures in Resonant Soundscape by Jean-Claude Risset, the origin of Resonant Sound Space
- Denis Lorrain explains the realisation of Inharmonique in MUSIC V and
- Antonio de Sousa Dias presents his modeling of this piece in MAX/MSP
- Daniel Arfib presents his real-time modules for the modeling processes in MAX/MSP
- They briefly detail the composition of Resonant Sound Space with these spatialisation MAX/MSP modules within Protools.

View online : http://perso.orange.fr/gmem/evenements/jim2002/articles/L10_Risset.pdf

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