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Future developments

Monday 18 October 2004, by Leigh Landy, Pierre Couprie, Rob Weale, Simon Atkinson

The next phase of the EARS project is based on two focuses:

  1. The further expansion and internationalisation of the current site is of fundamental importance. Furthermore, investigations are taking place concerning the application of new ontological approaches to the EARS index. This could enhance the further development of search methods.
  2. In September 2007 a pedagogical project made primarily, but not solely for children will be commenced. It will also be useful to anyone who has little to no experience with this body of music and its related field of studies. This tri-partite project will integrate aspects of music appreciation, understanding and creativity. Methodologies evolving from the MTI Research Centre’s Intention/Reception project (see Rob Weale’s article at the EARS online publications section of the site) in collaboration with the University of Western Sydney’s MARCS Auditory Laboratory will form the basis of a structured approach to the listening/appreciation aspect of this project. An EARS site for children using definitions assuming no previous knowledge and applying all relevant forms of hypermedia to offer audio, audio-visual support as well as interactive means of learning concepts is in development with support from DMU’s Institute of Creative Technologies. This aspect of the project is focused on the understanding of concepts. Finally, a new user-friendly software program for sound-based music creation called the Sound Organiser is in development in collaboration with INA/GRM in Paris and Beijing University as well as the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing. Seed funding for this project has been provided by DMU’s Centre of Excellence in Performance Arts.
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