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Vande Gorne, Annette

L’interprétation spatiale. Essai de formalisation méthodologique


Wednesday 27 July 2005, by Pierre Couprie

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The author presents her concepts of space within acousmatic music. She details four categories of space: the €˜ambiophonic’ space in which the listener is immersed in the sound, the €˜source space’ permits the localisation of the sound, the €˜geometrical space’ structures the space in planes and volumes and the €˜illusion space’ creates the illusion of depth in stereophonic music and multi-channal diffusion by way of the acousmonium. After this first part, she discusses the spatialisation of her piece TAO (1984-1995), the various gestures she makes in front of acousmonium mixing desk, the objectives of her spatialisation, the approach to multi-channel composition and she introduces what she calls the €˜figurative space’ through an analysis of her piece Vox Alia.

View online : http://www.univ-lille3.fr/revues/demeter/interpretation/vandegorne.pdf

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