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Couprie, Pierre

Analyse comparée des {Trois rêves d’oiseau} de François Bayle


Wednesday 27 July 2005, by Pierre Couprie

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The author continues his analysis on François Bayle’s works with a comparative study of three pieces from Trois rêves d’oiseau: L’oiseau moqueur, L’oiseau triste, and L’oiseau zen. This paper is a extension of Three Analysis Models for L’oiseau moqueur, one of the Trois rêves d’oiseau by François Bayle. Pierre Couprie analyses these pieces in two steps: the two types of sound material (based on the bird image and structure) and formal structure.

A visual and sonogram representation of the three pieces’ analysis complete this article : http://www.univ-lille3.fr/revues/demeter/analyse/couprie/Bayle.swf

View online : http://www.univ-lille3.fr/revues/demeter/analyse/couprie.pdf

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