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Giomi, Francesco, Meacci, Damiano, Schwoon, Kilian

Live Electronics in Luciano Berio’s Music


Computer Music Journal: Vol. 27, no. 2. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press: 30-46.

In this article, the authors focus on three compositions by Luciano Berio: Outis, the azione musicale, Ofanìm and Altra voce. These are works that exemplify Berio’s approach to composing for live electronics in different contexts. This article discusses the problems involved in this approach within the context of the musical-technological solutions designed and implemented by Tempo Reale for the live performance of the three works. The Centro Tempo Reale was founded by Luciano Berio in 1987. The article also discusses Berio’s ideas concerning the relationships that are established between the possibilities of physical movement of sound offered the composer by new technologies and the effective mobility of the musical thought; in particular, the adaptability of the musical thought to different spaces and listening situations.

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