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Cook, Nicholas

Analysing Musical Multimedia


Friday 3 February 2006, by Rob Weale

In this book, the author offers a general theory of how different media - music, words, moving pictures and dance - work together to create multimedia. He demonstrates how approaches deriving from music theory can contribute to the understanding of multimedia, and draws conclusions from the practice and further development of musical analysis.

Table of contents:

Part 1 Introduction: Music and Meaning in the Commercials
1. Synaesthesia and Similarity
2. Multimedia as Metaphor
3. Models of Multimedia
Part 2 Introduction: Steps Towards Analysis
4. Credit Where It’s Due: Madonna’s Material Girl
5. Disney’s Dream: The Rite of Spring Sequence from ‘Fantasia’
6. Reading Film and Rereading Opera: From Armide to Aria
Conclusion: The Lonely Muse

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