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Chion, Michel

Le promeneur écoutant


Tuesday 28 March 2006, by Pierre Couprie

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This is a handbook of €˜acoulogy’. The author walks and listens to the natural and artificial sounds of modern world. Through texts by writers of different countries, he analyses these real-world sounds to establish a new form of research: acoulogy. Acoulogy studies how to listen to sound by way of various approaches: analysis, classification, recording, reading, etc. Acoulogy is: How to listen as we speak.

Table of contents:

- First part: Listenings
A. Listening walking
B. On the road
C. Voice in space
- Second part: Mythologies
A. Obscurantisms
B. The sound burst
C. Poetry
- Third Part: Revelations
A. Diffusion
B. Fixation
C. Oral, written

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