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Chion, Michel

Le son


Paris: Nathan.

This essay contains the audio-visual theories of Michel Chion. From Pierre Schaeffer’s research to music for cinema, the author presents his ideas on sound: acoustics, psychoacoustics, electroacoustic music, music and literature, music and cinema, and recording techniques. Michel Chion continues the research work of Pierre Schaeffer by extending his sound research to a new activity: acoulogie. The sound becomes an object to be built through culture, listening, analysis and classification.

Table of contents:

  1. Things heard from a bed
  2. The “inréifiable”
  3. Voices, words and sounds
  4. Of ergo-hearing
  5. The causal chord
  6. Capacities of sound
  7. In the eternity of a past made up of listening
  8. A divided world
  9. The cut
  10. Audio-visual coupling
  11. Describing and classifying sounds
  12. Building a sound

Tuesday 28 March 2006, by Pierre Couprie

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