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Misch, Imke, Blümröder, Christoph von (Eds.)

François Bayle - L’image de son/Klangbilder: Technique de mon écoute/Technik meines Hörens (Sound Image/The technique of my listening)


Signale aus Köln-Musik der Zeit - series Komposition und Musikwissenschaft im Dialog IV, Münster: LIT Verlag.

This bilingual book is a compendium of lectures and (pre-concert) presentations offered by François Bayle in Cologne during the period 2000-2002. What makes this book unusual is that on many occasions Bayle was speaking to a general audience and therefore spends more time than he normally does explaining his concepts and views concerning acousmatic music, the i-son and so on. The book also includes his previously published article, “La musique acousmatique, ou l’art des sons projetés”, several concert programme texts and a glossary of his key terms in both languages. Of the literature available at the time of its publication, this is perhaps the key entry-level text on Bayle.

Thursday 20 April 2006, by Rob Weale

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