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Barlow, Klarenz

Methoden algorithmischer Klangerzeugung anhand eigener Arbeiten: Von Klanglomeration und Schwallwellenreiten zu Synthrumentation und Spektastik (Methods of Sound Synthesis based on my own works - [followed by his own untranslatable new terms]


Thursday 20 April 2006, by Rob Weale

Barlow introduces some quirky, if not humorous terminology that he has applied in his own compositions. As there are few terms created specifically for electroacoustic music, here is someone who has created his own terminology based on the merging of two words: Klanglomeration (Sound and agglomeration), Schwallwellenreiten (literally riding flood waves), Transzeitlichkeit (Across time-ness), Synthrumentation (the application of additive synthesis based on acoustics information of acoustic instruments) and Spektastik (Spectrum merged with stochastic). He provides visual examples of all of these techniques along with their descriptions.

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