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Howe, Hubert S.

Electronic Music Synthesis


Thursday 27 July 2006, by Rob Weale

In this book, the author presents a comprehensive overview of the field of electronic music synthesis ca. 1973. Ideally intended for educational purposes, the book is directed towards readers who are interested in gaining first-hand knowledge of how electronic music is created (it does not discuss the history of electronic music, nor how electronic synthesis has been used by composers in particular works). It details all of the major methods of producing electronic music (the state of the art ca. 1973), including a significant section concerning the use of computers. The book is divided into three major sections: acoustics and psychoacoustics, electronic music equipment, computers and electronic music.

Table of contents:

Part 1 - Acoustics and Psychoacoustics
1. Physical Attributes of Sound
2. Psychological Attributes of Sound
Part 2 - Electronic Music Equipment
3. Recording and Playback Equipment
4. Signal Generating and processing Equipment
5. Control Equipment
6. How to Design an Electronic Music Studio
Part 3 - Computers and Electronic Music
7. Basic Concepts of Computer Music
8. Detailed Description of a Computer Sound-generating Program: MUSIC4BF
9. Systems of the Future

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