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Bateman, Wayne A.

An Introduction to Computer Music


Thursday 27 July 2006, by Rob Weale

In this book aimed at musicians, composers and students who are interested in the application of electronic technology to the arts, the author offers a comprehensive overview of how a computer can be used to produce music. The author does not concentrate on any particular hardware or software applications, but addresses the fundamentals of computer operation, acoustics, sound synthesis, analysis and processing techniques, and the theoretical possibilities of computer music.

Table of contents:

1. The Computer and the Musician
2. Tones and Harmonics
3. How the Computer Operates
4. Computer Programming in Tone Generation
5. Modulation and Dynamics
6. Waveform Analysis in the Frequency Domain
7. Synthesis of Complex Tones
8. Modification and Processing of Recorded Sounds
9. Simulation and Reproduction of Natural Sounds
10. Scales and Tonality
11. Composition with the Computer
12. Machines and Human Creativity

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