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Dix jeux d’écoute


Monday 28 August 2006, by Pierre Couprie

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This CD-ROM contains 10 educational games for young listeners:

  1. Image and sound synchronisation: identify the causal relationship between various sounds and images.
  2. Sound sources moving: identify spatial movements of sound.
  3. Localisation of a sound source: identify a spatial position (front, back, right, left).
  4. Acoustic spaces: classify sounds from three types of space (normal, bathroom, concert hall).
  5. Sound morphing: reconstitute the trajectory from one sound to another sound.
  6. Musical themes morphing: reconstitute the trajectory from one musical theme to another musical theme.
  7. Musical puzzle: reconstitute three musical pieces from their fragments (classical, rock and soundscape).
  8. Sound classification: classify sounds in two categories (percussion and other).
  9. Graphical representation of sound: associate sounds to sonograms and waveforms.
  10. Identification of sound events: source recognition.
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