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Roy, Stéphane

L’analyse formelle en quête de significations profondes


Monday 28 August 2006, by Pierre Couprie

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The author explains his analytical method that uses two levels:
- In the first level, he identifies the basic units (neutral level). From this identification, he draws a visual representation.
- In the second level, he searches for musical signification (the poietic and esthesic levels) from the first level.

The author explains why his method is different to the usual bottom-up method.

Finally, to complete his analytical method, he describes three listening strategies:
- “Return intern” concerns the relationship between units through their timbral signature, and “return extern” concerns the connotations and denotations.
- “Musical discursivity” concerns the movement through various levels.
- “Hierarchical relations” concerns those existing between units.

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