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Alcázar Aranda, Antonio

Analyse de la musique électroacoustique, genre acousmatique, àpartir de son écoute : bases théoriques, méthodologie et but de la recherche, conclusions


Monday 28 August 2006, by Pierre Couprie

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The author discusses the theoretical basis of acousmatic analysis through three examples: Points de fuite (1982) by Francis Dhomont, Le cauchemar de l’éléphant blanc extract from Jazz, d’après Matisse (1989-1993) by Michel Redolfi and Futaie (1996) by Régis Renouard Larivière. The author conducted listening tests with three groups of persons (electroacoustic composers, instrumental composers and non-musicians). Using the results of these tests, he proposes an analysis of Points de fuite to explain the relationships and differences between the acoustic realities of the work and musical perception.

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