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Pellegrino, Ronald

The Electronic Arts of Sound and Light


Tuesday 29 August 2006, by Pierre Couprie

This compact volume presents the art of sound and light synthesis. It contains a history of electronic art, its theory, composition and performance techniques. The author focuses on “real-time composition, the glue of sound and light synthesis” and gives some keys to understanding the interaction between various instruments.

After an introduction to wave theory, the author offers a complete description of three sound synthesisers (ART 2600, Synthi AKS and Mini-Moog) and briefly discusses new digital techniques. The second part offers and introduction to light synthesis through various media: films, videos and laser shows. The final chapter investigates the light-sound creative processes and the interactions between the two media.

Table of Contents:
- Prologue: An Ode to Electronic Instruments in the Arts

  1. A Brief History
  2. The Nature of Waves
  3. The Synthesizer: An Interactive Electronic Wave Instrument
  4. The Computer
  5. Oscillographics and Film
  6. Videographics and the Electronic Arts Studio
  7. Laser Light Forms
  8. Composition
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