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Asuar, José Vicente

Un sistema para hacer musica con un Microcomputador (A music-making system using a Microcomputer)


Wednesday 20 September 2006, by Rob Weale

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The author describes a microcomputer-based music system he developed in 1978: the Computador Musical Digital Analógico Asuar or COMDASUAR. Asuar also wrote the software for this early polyphonic instrument, including typical digital sequencer operations as well as probabilistic behaviours to be applied to a diversity of compositional parameters.

The COMDASUAR digital-analog system allowed the application of chance operations as well as combinatorial and serial ones. The original instrument created by Asuar was a hybrid system producing six simultaneous digitally generated and controlled voices passing through analog (voltaged-controlled) filters and amplifiers. The data input was achieved through a typical alphanumeric keyboard.

The article also includes an historical introduction to computer music research and references to the long play record released in 1979: Asi habló el Computador (Thus spoke the Computer), with music composed by Asuar using the COMDASUAR.

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