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ASUAR, José Vicente

La segunda generación de música electrónica (The electronic music second generation)


Wednesday 20 September 2006, by Rob Weale

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The author describes the basic hardware elements of an electronic music synthesis system. Asuar also introduces voltage-control fundamentals.

A complete set of graphics with musical examples showing applications of electronic music modules is also included.

Table of Contents:

- El sistema (The System)
- Los instrumentos (The instruments)
- El Oscilador (The Oscillator)
- El Filtro (The Filter)
- El Amplificador (The Amplifier)
- Instrumentos que generan voltaje control (Instruments generating voltage control)
- El Teclado (The Keyboard)
- El Generador de Envolvente (The Envelope Generator)
- El Seguidor de Envolvente (The Envelope Follower)
- El Secuenciador (The Sequencer)
- El Muestreador (Sample and Hold)
- El Inversor de voltaje (The Voltage inverter)
- ¿Qué es un sintetizador? (What a synthesizer is?)
- Algunas variaciones sobre este tema (Some variations on this theme)

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