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Música Eletroacústica no Brasil. Composição utilizando o meio eletrônico (1956 - 1981) (Electroacoustic Music in Brazil: Composition using the electronic media (1956 - 1981))


Wednesday 20 September 2006, by Rob Weale

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In this text, Igor Lintz-Maues focuses on Brazilian electroacoustic music, considering musical production between 1956 and 1981.

It is a Master’s Thesis organized in 6 parts: Introduction, Historiographical Sketch, Techniques, Catalog, Conclusion and Bibliography. In his extensive references, the author includes information about the work of Reginaldo Carvalho, who composed several pieces of musique concrète during the 50s, and Jorge Antunes, who composed the first works using electronic sound sources in Brazil during the early 60s. The musical work by Willy Corrêa de Oliveira, Jocy de Oliveira, Gilberto Mendes, Cláudio Santoro and many other Brazilian composers, who were composing electroacoustic music during the pioneering years, is also introduced on this writing.

The Catalogue section includes references about 141 pieces, organising them as follows: Music for magnetic tape; Music for soloist voice and electronics; Music for soloist instrument and electronics; Music for small groups and electronics; Music for choir and electronics; Music for big ensembles and electronics; and Electroacoustic music in multimedia events. There are also excerpts from scores by: Jorge Antunes, Aylton Escobar, Gilberto Mendes, Jamary Oliveira, Jocy de Oliveira, and Cláudio Santoro, among other composers.

View online : http://luiz.host.sk/musica/textos/igor.html

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