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Favaro, Roberto (ed.)

Musica e tecnologia domani. Convegno internazionale sulla musica elettroacustica. Teatro alla Scala 20-21 novembre 1999 (Music and technology tomorrow. International conference on electroacoustic music. Teatro alla Scala, 1999, November 20-21)


Monday 2 October 2006, by Rob Weale

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This book contains the proceedings of the conference "Music and technology tomorrow" (Milan, Teatro alla Scala, 1999 November 20-21. Scientific committee: Francesco Galante and Luigi Pestalozza). Authors present essays on aesthetic, historical, philosophical, technological,
And compositional aspects related to electroacoustic music, with special attention to its future.

Table of contents:

Luigi Pestalozza: Conference Opening
Francesco Galante: Introduction to the conference
Daniel Teruggi: What spirit tomorrow?
Giorgio Nottoli: Connections between compositional practices and digital instruments: some considerations
Franco Fabbri: Music, electroacoustic, musical thoughts
Nicola Sani: Digital music in contemporary society. Research, production, diffusion
Edward Artemiev: From concrete music technology to computer music: new methods for musical thought
Ludger Brümmer: Representation of sound with visual techniques?
Francesco Giomi: Historical Italian schools of electronic music
Francisco Kröpfl: Electroacoustic music in Argentina: from analog control to computers
Jean-Claude Risset: Computer music: composition within the sound
Antonio Doro: Conceptualisation and theoretical methods in electronic music composition
Adolfo Nuñez: Revolutions and evolutions in music and sound
Alvise Vidolin: Playing electroacoustic space
Walter Branchi: Music of belonging
Simon Emmerson: From ’dance!’ to "dance": distance and digital data
Ludger Brümmer: Electroacoustic music: the ugly duckling?
Horacio Vaggione: Musical composition and digital tools: problems of approach
Agostino Di Scipio: Tools to betray. 20th century inheritance for tomorrow music technology
Luca Francesconi: "Counter-information"
Gabriel Brncic: Some reflections on the globalization of electronic sound and a third musical practice

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