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Dalmonte, Rossana, Baroni, Mario (eds.)

Secondo convegno europeo di analisi musicale. Universitàdegli studi di Trento (Second European conference on music analysis. University of Trento)


Monday 2 October 2006, by Rob Weale

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This book contains the proceedings of the Second European Conference on Music Analysis (University of Trento, 1991, 24-27 October). Different sessions are dedicated to traditional performance, structural theories and cognitive processes, analysis of melodic, verbal and modal structures, ethnic and popular music, music and film, didactics, and theory of analysis.
Of particular importance for electroacoustic music is the session: Analysing electroacoustic music: towards a definition of the sound objects, whose aim is to identity the most appropriate terminology for the definition of sound structures of a piece that all the participants had to analyse: Aquatisme by Bernard Parmegiani, from La crèation du monde. (Most of the essays have a perceptive analysis approach as a common trait).

Table of contents (session - Analysing electroacoustic music: towards a definition of the sound objects):

1. Introduction (Roberto Doati: Italian text)
2. Can electroacoustic music be analysed? (Denis Smalley: English text)
3. Theoretical problems and transcribing processes of electroacoustic music (François Delalande & Dominique Besson: French text)
4. Toward a definition of perceptive unities in Aquatisme (Nicoletta Sargenti: Italian text)
5. Polarised listening strategies for electroacoustic music (Christiane ten Hoopen: English text)
6. Aesthesic-cognitive approach to sound-object description (Francesco Giomi & Marco Ligabue: Italian text)

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