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MOLES, Abraham A.

Das neue Verhältnis zwischen Musik und Mathematik (The new relationship between music and mathematics)


Gravesaner Blätter. No. 23/24: Mainz: Ars Viva Verlag: 98-103/104-108

Moles divides the historical development of music into three periods: 1) Spontaneity, 2) The rise of a musical concept, 3) Musical reproduction. The fourth period is that of mechanical creation. The relation between composer and composition in this fourth period changes completely from that in the three previous periods. The influence of mathematics and machine-based composition methods on composers is proposed in which the concept of complexity is central. Later on Moles introduces the potential of machine-based music analysis as well as pure machine-based composition and how this will be perceived within artistic creation.

Friday 6 October 2006, by Rob Weale

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