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English definition

Friday 21 January 2005, by Rob Weale

Any sound recording created away from the studio in a specific space or
sonic environment. The aim of field recording might be to capture a
particular element of this space (as is the case, for example in documentary
nature recordings), or to capture the totality which may be thought of as
soundscape, auditory scene, or ambience. Field recording may also be
referred to as ’on-location recording’; however this term is also used to
describe commercial recording of performances in specific venues and
acoustic settings. Field recording is integral to Soundscape Composition.

Most frequently used in the sense of technique(s) i.e. sound recording ‘in
the field’ it has also claimed artistic status in relation to music and
radio. With the advent of online communities of shared interests, the
distribution and sharing of soundfiles across the web, some use the term in
the sense of a genre of electroacoustic music, with its own aesthetic as
well as technical concerns.

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