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La musica elettronica (Electronic music)


Milano, Feltrinelli.

This book has been a reference point in Italy for anyone (teachers, composers, musicians, students and musicologists) who is acquainted with the most important articles published from the time of Futurism until 1976 by the main figures in the electroacoustic music scene. It includes a series of articles in chronological order translated in Italian. Each of them is unusually introduced and followed by comments from the author: he illustrates obscure technical terms, clarifies them, makes connections and sometimes explains them. The book still remains useful for it includes some of the most important articles in the history of electroacoustic music.

Table of contents
- Preface (Luciano Berio)
- Warning (Henri Pousseur)
- First part – premises
L’arte dei rumori (Luigi Russolo)
New instruments and new music (Edgar Varèse)
Electronic music 1948-1953 [estratti] (Lowell Cross)
Eventually [passim] (Pierre Boulez)
- Second part – Roots
Electronic music and instrumental music (Karlheinz Stockhausen)
Komposition 1953 Nr. 2 (Karlheinz Stockhausen)
Analytical decomposition of sound (Alfredo Lietti)
Acoustic aleatoric phenomenon in electronic music (Alfredo Lietti)
Technical explanations (Henri Pousseur)
- Third part – developments
Present problems (Karlheinz Stockhause)
Poetry and music – an experiment (Luciano Berio)
Scambi (Henri Pousseur)
The unity of musical time (Karlheinz Stockhausen)
- Fourth part – Automatism
Computer programming for musical composition [passim] (Lejaren A. Hiller)
The technology of computer music [passim] (Max V. Mathews)
The study of digitally controlled electronic music [passim] (Peter Zinoviev)
The simulation of moving sound sources (John Chowning)
The Synthesis of Complex Audio Spectra. by Means of Frequency Modulation (John Chowning)
Methodology of work in the Utrecht electronic music Studio or Sonology??? (Gottfried M. Koenig)
Experimenting with computer music 1961-1964 (James T. Tenney)
- Fifth part – Animation
“Mixtur” and “Mikrophonie” (Karlheinz Stockhausen)
The first festival of live electronic music: 1967 (Will Johnson)
Music as a gradual process (Steve Reich)
Pendulum music for microphones, amplifiers and performers (Steve Reich)
The creative interpreter II, comments on Vinko Globokar’s article (Nil Parent)
On “Mantra” (Karlheinz Stockhausen)
- sixth part – Modulation
The principle of ‘voltage control’ and its compositional implications (Joel Chadabe)
Voltage control at Utrecht Electronic Music Studio or Sonology? (Stan Tempelaars)
Feedbackhovenelectrix at Aachen (David Johnson)
Computer control of sound machines in electronic music (James Gabura – Gustav Ciamaga)
The time of parables (Henri Pousseur)
- Sources
- Short complementary bibliography
- Index
- Main quoted works
- Main arguments

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