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THIES, Wolfgang

Grundlage einer Typologie der Klänge (The Foundation of a Sound Classification)


Hamburg: Verlag der Musikalienhandlung Karl Dieter Wagner.

Thies develops a system for sound classification in this book that is based on perception. The description of all possible elements of sound takes place using normal colloquial vocabulary. Dependent on a sound-descriptive vocabulary based on the German language, a two-level structure is introduced at the levels of general and detailed classification. The proposed separation of ’musical’ and ’unmusical sounds/noises’ is used by the author to advantage in terms of the application of his terminology as sound to him allows for no opposition to noise; it is instead an umbrella term for anything that can be perceived. To introduce his concepts, Thies discusses at length previous psychological research related to perception (e.g., Helmholtz, Stumpf, Hesse) as well as existing systems (e.g., Eimert and Schaeffer).

Wednesday 31 October 2007, by Rob Weale

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