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“Live electronics”


Il complesso di Elettra. Mappa ragionata dei centri di ricerca e produzione musicale in Italia, Rome, CIDIM (ISBN 88-85765-05-X)

This article discusses live electronic techniques. Presenting an historical overview, from the 50’s to the 90’s. The authors discuss the first examples of live electronic music: Musica su due dimensioni by Bruno Maderna (1952-57) and Déserts by Varèse (1954). They note how important changes came with the introduction of voltage controlled synthesisers such as the Moog, the Buchla, the ARP, the VCS3. The article then schematizes three phases during the typical live electronic performance. Finally, they discuss two applications: MAX and the MARS workstation, developed at IRIS (Paliano, Italy) by the équipe guided by Giuseppe Di Giugno.

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