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McADAMS, Stephen

Fusione spettrale e creazione di immagini uditive (Spectral fusion and the creation of auditory images)


Bollettibo LIMB (Bolletino del Laboratorio permanente per l’informazione musicale della Biennale), a cura di A. Vidolin, N. Polo e D. Torresan, Venezia, La Biennale di Venezia. 36-51.

Italian translation of: Spectral fusion and the creation of auditory images. In Clynes, M. Music, Mind, and Brain: The Neuropsychology of Music. New York: Plenum Press.

Stephen McAdams analyses the perceptive process that builds sonic images of the environment. He notes that the listening is in fact more synthetic than analytical, as it is stressed by Helmholtz. Drawing from Gestalt theory, McAdams formulates the concepts of fusion (simultaneous elements are grouped in single identities) and fission (separation of continuous auditory streams), and provides theoretical models of perceptual processes. Fusion responds to three laws: harmonicity, coordinated modulation, and familiarity. Fission depends on numerous factors: asynchronicity in the sound attack, asynchronicity in the coordinated modulations’ attack, and temporal correlation between modulations.

Monday 19 November 2007, by Rob Weale

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