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DI SCIPIO, Agostino

Riflessioni sull’analisi della musica elettroacustica e informatica


Monday 19 November 2007, by Rob Weale

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The author argues that electroacoustic music analysis should consider the importance of téchne as a generic analytical domain, and timbre as an important formal parameter. Téchne is relevant for composers such as Xenakis, Risset, Pousseur (Scambi), Koenig (Terminus). The analysis of timbre, in respect to how sound is composed and evolves, is important for musicological analysis. In opposition to the traditional evolutionary concept, the author stresses that computer music does not rely on pre-existing sound material (that which exists prior to the intentional act of creation). This becomes an aesthetic category when joining téchne to timbre creation. The authors emphasises a rupture in the dualism - “composing sound” and “composing with sound”.

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