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DI SCIPIO, Agostino

Tecnologia dell’esperienza musicale nel Novecento (The technology of musical experience in the 20th century)


Monday 19 November 2007, by Rob Weale

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In this article the author investigates the concept of technology within the creative musical processess of the 20th century. Technology has been considered a central aspect by western communities, since the pioneering experience of Edison’s phonograph, Dziga Vertov’s “Laboratory of Hearing”, radiophonic art, and musique concrète. The original fascination for making sounds, the emancipation of timbre and its relationship to formal aspects of music (Poème électronique by Varèse) are mentioned. The Digital revolution has provoked cultural and cognitive interrelations, such as the concept of “automation” in the works by Xenakis, Tenney, Brün, Grossi. Di Scipio stresses the importance of renewing the methods of investigation in order to integrate the study of a work with the study of its making.

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