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Landy, Leigh

Electroacoustic Music Studies and Accepted Terminology: You can’t have one without the others


Saturday 5 January 2008, by Pierre Couprie

This article summarises the conclusions my recent book, “Understanding the Art of Sound Organisation”, a book that is based on recent years’ experience conceiving and directing the ElectroAcoustic Resource Site (www.ears.dmu.ac.uk). It is based on two worries: 1) current terminology usage in the field is at best fluid and at worst in a fairly weak state, especially category and genre terminology; and 2) the field of Electroacoustic Music Studies (EMS), instead of engaging in foundational issues that have yet to be resolved, tends to focus on aspects of investigation at higher levels. I often describe this situation as follows: if EMS publications were to be presented in the form of a building, there would be a significant number of upper floor suites and rooms inhabited, but at least some of the foundation has yet to be designed. This unusual architecture is reflected in patterns that are emerging on the EARS site’s rapidly growing bibliography.

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