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Landy, Leigh

La musique des sons/The Music of Sounds


Saturday 5 January 2008, by Pierre Couprie

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For over a century musicians have been making music using the widest variety of sounds beyond the notes normally associated with music. For the last sixty years musicians have been able to use various forms of technology to assist in the creation of sound-based works. The Music of Sounds sets out to demonstrate that this musical corpus demonstrates paradigmatic behaviour despite the fact that its repertoire spans a vast horizon. This behaviour sets it apart, to an extent, from note-based music. The book also attempts to establish that much of the music is accessible to a larger public than the one it currently reaches. To achieve these two aims the repertoire is introduced through selected examples in order to illustrate paradigmatic aspects and elements related to accessibility. The field of study related to sound-based music is also delineated. Examples of sound-based musical research are presented to point out potential opportunities for those interested in this young repertoire.

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