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Can electroacoustic music be analysed? (La musica elettroacustica può essere analizzata?)


DALMONTE, Rossana, BARONI, Mario (Eds.) (1992). Secondo convegno europeo di analisi musicale. Università degli studi di Trento. Trento, Università degli Studi di Trento

This article focuses on the analysis of Aquatisme by B. Parmegiani whose results were presented at the Second European conference of music analysis (Dalmonte Rossana - Baroni Mario 1992) in the session “Analysing electroacoustic music: towards a definition of the sound objects” (all the participants had to analyse the same piece).
The concepts of Source bonding, Spectromorphology and Behaviour network are applied to the analysis of the first 3 minutes. The drop - and its variations (permanent stream, directed stream, iterative click) – is the fundamental unit upon which the piece is based. The author stresses the connection between this archetypal unit and the macro structure.

Monday 15 December 2008, by Rob Weale

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