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Justel, Elsa

The Formal structures in the music of electronic production


Monday 23 July 2012, by Rob Weale

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The objective of this work is a reflection about some of the problems of electroacoustic music, in particular those of morphologies and compositional organisation. The work is presented in two parts :

In the First part, the thesis broaches the aspects of material and technical features in relation with macro-form. Different styles of composition are analysed, representing the principal aesthetic currents of the music based on electronic production. Then, some concepts about morphology based on physical and perceptive data are presented. The thesis evokes the synergy between science and music and the formalisation of models. It describes how to quantify and transcribe physical data to complete the analysis chain creating a bridge between sound and symbolic domains.

In the Second part, the thesis enters into a more exhaustive morphological analysis of a modest number of musical works, representing different structural and aesthetic conceptions.

The intention of the document is to make the vigour of the compositional activity relied to the music of electronic production understandable.

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