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Vande Gorne, Annette

Une histoire de la musique électroacoustique


Friday 10 June 2005, by Pierre Couprie

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This article contains two parts: a history of electroacoustic music and a glossary of common terms.

The history of electroacoustic music is organised in three parts:

  1. Introduction: relating key historical phases
  2. The beginnings: the Italian futurists, Varèse, Nancarrow, and John Cage
  3. Tools: several of the first electroacoustic instruments, the role of recording, spatialisation, the first studios, and North America

After a classification into three categories (terms related to history, intrumentation or genre), the author proposes a definition list for 10 common terms in electroacoustic music (see keywords). At the end, she includes a bibliography.

View online : http://www.ars-sonora.org/html/numeros/numero03/sommaire03.htm

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