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Watts, Christopher

Mixing Things Up: Collaboration, converging disciplines, and the music curriculum


Thursday 14 July 2005, by Leigh Landy

The applications of digital technologies in the world of art continue to explode, and various artistic disciplines begin to converge as a result. More artists are working in a wide variety of media while, at the same time, increasing specialisation results in a greater number of collaborative, interdisciplinary activities. The ability to collaborate effectively with other artists is a skill set that must be addressed from a curricular standpoint, and music faculty must engage with colleagues in the other arts to provide students with the appropriate learning opportunities. While many institutions have developed successful models for doing this, information about those models has not been widely disseminated. Institutions that have found this change difficult may face a variety of obstacles, including highly compartmentalised departments, a crowded curriculum, and shortages in staffing and funds. One model for change is presented that focuses on building curriculum and shared facilities, using technology as a means to facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration.

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